Tuesday, 12 July 2011

L. Speed 1913

Despite enjoying minimalism, often an object will find its way onto my shelf, though its original purpose is of no interest to me.
The category these curios fall into is Inspiration.
A book kept not for the words, but for the cover. Like this book a friend of mine pulled out randomly, from in between one of thousands upon thousands, in an old used book store.
Stacks of books created thin pathways along tattered Persian rugs, towering bookcases to the ceiling; books unidentifiable and unreachable.
When I gazed upon the cover, it gave me a sense of miraculous disbelief, how could such strangeness exist in the context of the world it came from.
It was dreamed and somebody believed, now a boy rides a giant bat, holding his fantastical quill & journal. Embossed in gold on the cover of a book in 1913. From time to time it sits in my hands heavily, then gives me the shivers, that possibilities inspire.

Illustrations by L.Speed {1913}

Illustrations by L.Speed {1913}

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