Thursday, 29 September 2011

Micro Mix / Grass Jam


Stretching out on the grass and grooves. Vintage folk, and German folk synth eastern fusion. 
Cover Art by Keith Catton 
(this is a slightly different version then uploaded prior to Nov)

Popol Vuh
Agitation Free
Erkin Koray
Amon Duul II
Voice Of The Seven Woods
J.K. & Co.
Roger Rodier
Anne Briggs
Robbie Basho

Micro Mix / Flying With Falcor

Twelve song mix inspired by the Fantasia flight scene in The Neverending Story. Composed of German ambient groups also known as Krautrock, and its influence. Not only is the spacey music quite suiting, but the book was written by a German fellow and published in 1979, which is around the time that the first German pioneers of ambient started experimenting with electronic soundscapes. Set on Shuffle for a choose your own adventure.
p.s.....this is for dreamers.

Tangerine Dream
Deaf Center
Zodiac Free Arts Club
Animal Collective
Brian Eno
Cocteau Twins

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Dreamers Drum

Thank You, Brenda Mason of Sandy Lake. for your wisdom, stories, and friendship.

The deep sound of the drum did travel. Projecting a dream catching web along its moonlit hide surface, like a contained shadow theater.
A hooting owl across the bay, a rattle behind me, and hiding inside the webbed drum; a neon yellow spider.

Thanks Dad; for never thinking I was too young to run around the yard with my glowing  fire stick.