Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sovereign Spring

In January I participated in the annual wearable art event, put on by Definitely Superior Art Gallery.
I began by making a frame 5 x 6 ft, for making large sheets of paper, that endeavor came to an end with a blender fire in the basement.
Decided to use raw silk instead, with spray paint stenciling designs. The traditional uses of these two materials is an interesting collaboration, silk was a royal cloth, and spray paint used by inner city graffiti artists.
The concept for my work was to create a transformation on stage, to symbolize rebirth and freedom, inspired by the current events and movements that are happening, in which people are looking to unburden themselves from old value systems to make great changes for the future.
For the performance she had a cocoon made from rice paper, that she would break free from. I was wanting to incorporate something with dramatic performance but also accessible. In the end I only want to give people a feeling of inspiration and hope.
Music credits to the lovely Feist.
Performance by the talented and beautiful Ms. Amanda Boon.

Wearable Art : Emporer Moth from Keith Catton on Vimeo.

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