Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Mystery of the Moccasin - The Glass Beaded Slipper

The mystery of the moccasin began one Valentines Day at one hour till midnight.
While walking on my way home I was passed what looked simply as a pressed brown paper bag illuminated by the orange streetlight. I stopped and went back to investigate, flipped the item in my hands and in disbelief was looking at a hand beaded flower decorating a moccasin slipper.
It was an impressive moment, which reminded me of the folk tale Cinderella. Where Cinderellas stagecoach transforms back into a pumpkin at midnight, and all that's left was a glass slipper. In this case the slipper is beaded with glass.

I was worried the salt of the streets could damage the slipper, and that I could be of assistance in finding the owner. The next morning I water color painted a poster to post up in the location that I found the slipper. A few days passed and I had not heard from the owner, and so every few days I continued making posters for other locations in town, many of which were the originals in watercolor of The Glass (Beaded) Slipper.

The owner or pair has yet to be reunited with the slipper.

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