Friday, 25 July 2014

Giving Back to a Swimming Spot

I remember the day I found the swimming hole, it was by curiosity. One car parked on the side of a road and a slender path worn through a dense forest of cedars and moss. Ending at a cliff over looking purple black rocks and a beer colored river.
Years later I found out it had a name, "Soldiers Hole". But nobody knows why.
The name sounded rugged and mythical. Not the type of name given to attract tourists.
Just about every local from every generation in Thunder Bay, can tell you about how they went to Soldiers Hole.
Many of us have been cleaning it up of broken glass. Its a really important place for me,and in commemoration I spent an entire weekend wood burning a sign.
This is a project that is really special for me, I hope the sign stays up for a long time, and becomes as weathered and mythical as the swimming hole itself.

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