Monday, 13 October 2014

Om Lamps/Bonfires (2012)

"Om Lamps" was an interactive installation featured in a juried art show.
A collection of items used as sources of fire sat on a stand. Each item was uniquely painted, describing an experience. Each one held a secret, one piece of a puzzle, a visual diary of my year.
Symbolically the collection that sat inches off the gallery floor symbolized; Bonfire.
To access a view of the small paintings one would need to crouch down in the same way you would to start a fire or warm your hands by one.
A magnifying glass was there as a tool to help you see the minute details, also as a reminder of the act of starting a fire by holding one between the sun. Willow charcoal (the product of burning willow) was used to draw sparks and other symbolic notes on the wall surface.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Conte Blues Sketch

Had my sketchbook and Conte' out in a dimly lit bar during a garage blues band Keith Hallet & The Worlds Fair. This is what the energy of one song inspired.

Wild Foodism

Cast-iron micro griddle cake with wild harvested local blueberry. 
Melted butter dollop.
-75 cents

Bush Chantrelles on Wild Rice 
with Beet Tops and Wild Blues

Forage Shopping

~Average N.W.O. Breakfast~

Perfectly Poached Hobby Farm Eggs
with Roasted Purple Violet Chantrelles on Both Hands' Stone Fired Spelt Bread
dusted with grated Chaga
and finished with Raw Amethyst

Mason of Chaga Tea

 ~Local River Water~

Full Bodied & Organic

(if we protect and conserve)