Monday, 13 October 2014

Om Lamps/Bonfires (2012)

"Om Lamps" was an interactive installation featured in a juried art show.
A collection of items used as sources of fire sat on a stand. Each item was uniquely painted, describing an experience. Each one held a secret, one piece of a puzzle, a visual diary of my year.
Symbolically the collection that sat inches off the gallery floor symbolized; Bonfire.
To access a view of the small paintings one would need to crouch down in the same way you would to start a fire or warm your hands by one.
A magnifying glass was there as a tool to help you see the minute details, also as a reminder of the act of starting a fire by holding one between the sun. Willow charcoal (the product of burning willow) was used to draw sparks and other symbolic notes on the wall surface.

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