Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wild Foodism

Cast-iron micro griddle cake with wild harvested local blueberry. 
Melted butter dollop.
-75 cents

Bush Chantrelles on Wild Rice 
with Beet Tops and Wild Blues

Forage Shopping

~Average N.W.O. Breakfast~

Perfectly Poached Hobby Farm Eggs
with Roasted Purple Violet Chantrelles on Both Hands' Stone Fired Spelt Bread
dusted with grated Chaga
and finished with Raw Amethyst

Mason of Chaga Tea

 ~Local River Water~

Full Bodied & Organic

(if we protect and conserve)


  1. Woah... so hipster... I can't take it... AUGH it's too much.

    I'm not sure human beings were meant to withstand this level of hipster.... I gotta get some fresh air.

  2. I take it you got the humor involved then!

  3. WHAT THE HELL IS RAW AMETHYST THO please answer me

  4. Raw Amethyst is an uncut unpolished semi-precious stone. I broke them off from the veins that exist here, locally. The Amethyst was not cooked and thus truly "Raw". The rock is really only added as a decorative garnish, and for its healing and protective powers. That put the "Good" in Good Morning.