Friday, 21 November 2014

Suitcase of Paintings

Caught a flight inside the steel eagle to Ottawa, with a suitcase of paintings and a story. Looking for a publisher who will take a look at my work.
For over a year now, I have been painting during daylight hours in my bedroom/studio, as if it were a full time job. Paintings that are pieces of the pages in a story book.
This is something that I mostly kept secret until it was near completion.

            The story is inspired by my experiences in North-Western Ontario, and the First Nation Culture here. Following a single Moccasin Slipper lost in the Canadian Woodlands, the wildlife who find it, and the surprise ending of the young dancer with the matching pair. (A hint, she does not get the pair back)
It is a story of gratitude and sharing, with an inspirational female protagonist who exemplifies the pride and love of her culture. A contemporary piece without Prince's or Princesses'.

            The artwork has been created with ink and watercolour, and is stylistically familiar to antique lithographs. Similar to the Audubon bird prints. Reading category is ages 3 to 7, or bedtime story. The writing is in short versed poetry.
            Each painting was roughly a week to complete with some as many as three weeks.
This time was spent to create a work that children and adults would appreciate.
            The idea for the story came from real events in which I discovered a hand beaded moccasin slipper in the snow one evening,(it was actually Valentines Day). This real life story adds a sense of wonder and is included as a post-face.

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