Thursday, 12 February 2015

Copper Penny (Watercolor) 2012/14


  1. You don't seem like a real person. Tell us more about your life.

    1. Every time that I see this painting I recall all sensations surrounding that day, it was a good one.

      That summer was a constant overcast, the Sun only broke out a handful of times, it was like a lottery to those with indoor jobs. This was a lottery winning day. There was a deadline at hand to submit art by 4:00. Dressed for the beach I laid a blanket on the grass hidden between two homes, the largest sheet of cotton paper I owned, jars of water, and one tiny rainbow oxidized penny. The penny as a coin was beautifully under appreciated and had recently become extinct. I made sure to burn under the white sun, a summers worth in a day. A lovely lady joined me on the blanket as I painted, I covered her with the only extra material I had, which I was using to shade my eye's; a blue bandana. We had an entirely private oasis.