Saturday, 14 March 2015

Unpublished Picture Book

This possible cover could be the last painting I paint for my Children's Book. I left the cover till last, and here we are over a year later of working on this book, and two years in February since the day I found the Moccasin. Meticulously painting with tiny brushes on my desk a few feet from where I sleep. From first light to last.

If anyone finds this who knows a publisher let me know!

Many months before.
My work bench.


  1. Do you have a story for it? The book I mean.

  2. Are you gonna tell us about it or what?

    1. Yeah, Keith - tell us about it!

    2. Well, the story is reniniscent of another involving a missing slipper, however in this story the protagonist isn’t saved by a prince. It is about empowerment, being whole, and gratitude with dance and ceremony.
      Yes, I managed to incorporate dance into the story.