Monday, 18 April 2016

Thunder Bay - Screenprint & Watercolor

This project which began as a calligraphy ink drawing, became a one, then two color print in a homemade silkscreen basement studio. Later upgraded to the University art studio as currently a 4 color print. With help from Aaron Veldstra the screen printing teacher on staff, teaching me the tricks and demanding I persevere through the technical difficulties. All the while using custom built tools and squeegees.
Each print is hand pulled and varies. After the printing process each landscape is hand water-colored, a time consuming and old technique used on prints and plates.
In this way no two prints will be alike, each is hand touched with sky tonalities as unique from each other as spectrum's in a given sunset.

I titled the work simply "Thunder Bay".
An overt way of making a statement to the viewer.

New prints will be available in the new year.

If you are further curious on the process and research behind this work, I have an earlier post from the beggining stage.

UPDATE: Was added to the Decolonial Atlas Blog!